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Words of Appreciation

The Holy G-rail is a very informative, easy to read and understand. I learned so much!! I believe I you and your work!! It made a difference in the way I think about my sexuality for sure! Thank you Michael Schuessler!!!!"

Toni Bloomfield Seyhun/ March 2016


Love  Michael's logo and attitude, Changing the world one orgasm at a time. I got this book back in 2010 and it has helped me a lot. It sits by my bed. He is very sensual in the book and you can tell he has so much respect plus adoration for women. I recently read that he was voted one of the sexiest celebs in Denver. I like that the book is written in simple terms that explain how to find the G spot and I am so happy that my guy wanted to read it. I don't want to get to crazy on here but let me just the say the book definitely helped a lot and is a must read!!!. ;)

Tanya Marwick  /Sept. 2015



“I’ve been meaning to get in touch with you! Love, love, love  the book and have tried a lot of new things already!! It’s like we’ve opened another dimension of our sex lives!! I am definitely going to carry the book in my store! I have read your blogs and listened to your radio interviews often ( You have a very sexy voice by the way) I truly enjoy all of  them immensely!

Risque Lingerie/ Sept . 2014



“Sexuality is a big part of human lives. People are struggling with finding ways to connect with each other. Michael Schuessler gives us a simple and spiritual way to reconnect and explore our sexual relationship and deepen the connection with our partners in The Holy G-Rail. This small and powerful book shows that with communication, patience's and cherishing our partner we can bring sex back to the front of ours lives. In a more playful and understanding way with each other.

Michael shows us a simple way in The Holy G-Rail to find the magic spot on our lover that anyone can experience if they truly take this powerful book to heart. We can experience the most powerful orgasm with the G-spot that both partners will benefit. That will deepen the connection with your partner to a new height then you could ever imagine. Michael expresses and shares with us that by cherishing each other we find our own Holy Grail”

Carol Guy/ Oct. 2013.



“I love, Love your book! It’s really awesome and has such an important message for people! The subject is easy for me to discuss and a lot of people are truly interested! You couldn’t have picked a better time to bring this info into the world. There are so many taboos’ that have been placed in certain areas. I am looking forward to learning more about The Holy G-rail’s aspect of Love and Intimacy!!

Jadamour/ May 2012



“The Holy G-rail is so very helpful!! I told you that in 2005 my cancer came back again for the third time, they had to do a mastectomy! To look in the mirror and to see just one breast and the scar, I was devastated and I felt like I was half a woman, didn’t feel any love I was in a deep depression.

Michael, you made  me realize how lucky I was to be alive! To be a survivor and a fighter and it was the person inside that makes you special and because I lost my breast didn’t mean I couldn’t love anymore. You made me realize that we have men and women coming back from overseas who lost legs and arms and they still love their life and are ready to carry on with their lives!

So Michael thank you again for helping others who have cancer and showing them that Life Is PRECIOUS! 

Michael I want people to know that you are amazing and caring and compassionate man. You are admired and loved by so many of us that you have helped over the years. You never judge anyone and your reply to people’s questions are truly amazing! You seem to know what we are feeling! We are so blessed to have you Michael! THANK YOU for being YOU! I owe you so very much! I owe you my life!”

Pam Squire
June 2011



The author's tagline is "Changing the world one orgasm at a time!"; and after reading "The Holy G-Rail" I can see how he can make this claim.

This small and powerful book delivers insight's into the most elusive yet prized path of the sexual experience. I have never found this written so beautifully, and from a man no less! To say that I was delightedly shocked at the depth that was explored and revealed in 70-pages would be an understatement. Mr. Schuessler has artfully and succinctly laid bare for the world - the tools for your mindset, the map for exploring, and the keys for discovering your lovers deepest anatomy crucial to lovemaking with the intent of focusing on her G-spot and cultivating it's secrets.

I recommend this book for each and every person who wants to give their lover that long searched for experience and deepest orgasm - to do it repeatedly, and without fail!

Author, C.D.Grant (Lady Eros)   April 2010



When I was reading this book "Holy G-Rail," it hit me how Michael was showing the world that when you have patience and take the time you too will become an incredible lover. After a few pages into the book, I felt something was unusual. Then I knew the writing was crystal clear. It was like the perfect 'ping' you hear when you tap a genuine crystal glass with your finger nail. Michael Schuessler is a master wordsmith who uses the right words and even has illustrations to show you in detail how to pleasure each other in the correct places. He has a great deal of patience, knowledge, passion and takes his time with his "Special Lady" to make sure that she is completely satisfied first. What a guy! Michael do you have a twin brother? A great read for a man who wants a meaningful sexual relationship and values his lady friend in the process. Kudos for sharing with us your incredible sexual journey.

Trish Silver Author of “When I remember Love” July 2009



A small pocket size book. 70 pages. Perfect for the man and woman who want to learn more about their bodies and to take sex to a higher level. The Holy G-rail is not just for a man or woman it is for both. You can both learn from it. It is fast paced and it works. A must read for the married couples and for those starting in a serous relationship. A perfect wedding gift.”

Angel Lesa
Publisher of The Odd Mind Magazine
Host of The Odd Mind radio show.  / Oct. 2008



“The revered quest to satisfy your lover through her G-spot by Relating Anatomy Into Lovemaking is Mr. Schuessler's definition for the Holy G-rail. Michael Schuessler's informative little novella is jam packed with true life experience and tips for men and women on how to find the g-spot as well as how to self-love, warm-up, communicate, and experience the total effect of the g-spot climax.

With the help of his Special Lover, Michael explains in step by step detail the art of finding and enjoying every ounce of pleasure the g-spot climax invokes. This book is small enough that anyone man or woman can conceal in a jacket pocket, or purse to pull out in times when a little "reference" may be needed.

I would recommend The Holy G-rail to anyone trying to discover ways to spice up a relationship or are looking to heighten the sexual experience with their partner. Mr. Schuessler is a remarkable writer that really enforces the word, "hands on," the diagrams are also helpful. There are more books to come in the pleasuring series so be on the lookout for those, but for the time being go out and pick up your copy of The Holy G-rail today and start experiencing what you've been missing. 5 Hearts”

Crystal Atkins/ Dec 2007



HI Michael, Just listened to your show on Playboy Radio and it was very very interesting! I even learned a few things. (See you can teach an old dog new tricks, LOL) I never listened to a radio show like this before! I didn’t log on because I didn’t know ha to expect! You sound like the most caring man in the world and I could tell by listening to you that you really do respect all women and want them to be happy with their partners, through honesty and communication. Please keep on informing the men  in this world as well, they need it! You are changing the world!!

Sue Oleson/ March 2006




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